barbara craig art

I return to working from images gleaned whilst walking in the Irish countryside, either worked from sketches, photographs or just memory (which can play tricks!)  infused with my colourful outlook on life.

These pieces vary in size usually 8 or 12 inches square.

'At the end of the Line', inspired during a walk on Island Magee.

    'In the Moonlight', my favoured ploughed fields and stone walls.

'The Lost House'  one of the last remaining lock keeper's cottages standing on the Lagan Canal, the rest lost to the sands of time.

Below 'Little Boxes'

    'Beside the Burn' from a visit to Scotland

    Below 'The Night Catches Fire'

                                         The following work evolved from paintings initially made en plein aire

Round Rocks Eroded, 50x50cm

Summer by the Sea (Giant's Causeway) 40x70cm

       Spring Sprung, 19x19cm

Building work, Cathedral Quarter,  40 70cm

View at Island Hill no.2, 19x19cm

View at Island Hill no.3, 50x50cm

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