barbara craig art


The work was informed by the poem 'Bogland' by Seamus Heaney.which had been brought to mind by the landscape in north Antrim, the road dissecting the peat, the land flat, the features tortured and 'salty depths' and buried memories below.  



These pieces are part of a series of panels 19x24cm.

Focusing  on   'What is left behind'





'Inwards and Downwards'




'Bogland, Ballymoney dusk' 19X24cm



'Fenced'   48x48cm







From the Bogland series a second body of work evolved exploring 'what is left behind' from my Grandfather's life, again it is images of what is encased within his environment and his body.

 'The Last Breath'


 'Bushmills, Saturday night'



'Spitting Hairs'




 'The Chair, no.2'




                ' Wooed by the cyclop's eye'



                  'Salty depths, no.1'  33x33cm


                  'Salty Depths, no2'   30x40cm






 'No 99'



 'Interior no.2'







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