barbara craig art


My original intention was to work purely from recollection but to look at old photographs was an irresistable force. The main loves of my life were my bicycle and William McKee!  As portrayed in 'Me and my Shadow' (left)

(right) 'After the Storm' Most people only recall the long sunny days of summer when they think of their childhood, violently stormy nights with the wind and rain lashing at the windows spring to my mind, lots of chunky hand knitted pullovers and itchy knitted vests sticking to your chest with vick in the winter. This toy dog I don't actually remember but the painting was worked from a photo of me standing infront of a flattened carvan so the raging weather wasn't just a dream.




'Listen with Mother' this painting tells the story of time spent at home with my Mother  when my elder brother end sister were off at school.                    I remember 'workers playtime' on the radio, mugs of hot chocolate or 'egg in a cup' and snuggling up in a chair to 'listen with mother' together, the warm folded ironing sitting on the board. 



'Tickles'  Whereas this is a painting about my Daddy, who  seemed to always out at work and would return late and tickle me near to death! The darkness hovers, I know my Father was ill at one stage during these years, though I didn't understand it at the time, so a joyful experiance tinged with foreboding. 


                                              'The Big Beach' mixed media with text, 49x59cm


         'The Blue Pool' mixed media with text, 49x59cm


                                                       'The C.S.S.M' mixed media, 30x30cm                                     'Two Fishies' mixed media, 30x30cm


                                                               'Going Out', acrylic,  54x73cm                                          'Where the Bush meets the Sea', acrylic, 54x73cm





Summer Dresses. I recall an annual trip to the dressmaker's house in Bushmills to be measured up for a new dress for church and special occassions over the summer. The dress I remember well was a new crisp seersucker that softened with use, in peachy pink with a drop waist and a whirly full skirt to twist about in. It made a lasting impression because I rarely had new clothes and rarely wore dresses and skirts (thanks to hand me downs from a big brother)

The dress paintings are on recycled paper, harking back to using precious finds of paper as a child.



                                                                                                    'Striped Socks' collage  

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