barbara craig art

      No Crows over the Cornfield, 60x40cm, acrylic








Evening Light, the Leadmines,  21x21cm, acrylic




     Beautiful Day On Cavehill. 40x30cm. acrylic 





  Beautiful day on Cavehill, no.2. 40x30cm. acylic





 Light across the Water, 21x21 cm. acrylic





      Rainbow, 40x80cm, acrylic






 Hidden Pond, 40x80cm, acylic






Sunshower, 40x80cm, acylic






        Deluge , 20x20cm, acrylic





     Light Sinking,  40x60cm, mixed media





     Rain Between the Valleys, 60x40cm, watercolour and acrylic





View from Slieve Gullion, 60x40cm, acrylic





Looking down over Down, 40x30cm, watercolour   SOLD





Looking down over Down no.2 ,  40x30cm, watercolour





 Blue Storm, 40x30cm, acrylic





 Green Storm. 27x20cm. acrylic




 Blustery Day, 27x20cm, acrylic



 Imagine a Silent Valley, 27x20cm, acrylic



'Blue Barn,Red Gate'                                                    ' Red Barn, Red Gate'

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